RA Density


The RA Density Tool uses low energy gamma rays to determine the downhole fluid density during a production log. The tool provides consistent and reliable measurement in deviated and horizontal wells while remaining unaffected by flow rates.

Gamma rays are emitted from a radioactive source at one end of the measuring cell and are detected at the opposite end by a scintillation detector and photomultiplier.


  • Tungsten Shielded Detector is Highly Resistant to Radioactive Interference

  • Operates in all Deviated and Horizontal Wells

  • Density Measurements in a Range of Fluid Flow Rates

  • Gamma Ray Source Required (Not Included)

  • Multi-Phase Production Profiling when Used in Conjunction with Other Lee Specialties Production Logging Tools

  • Compatible with All Lee Specialties Production Logging Tools


The RA Density’s slim design allows it to pass through downhole restrictions and lighter pressure control equipment.

RA Density